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Wish your customers a happy birthday with Tillypad XL

Giving presents can be as gratifying as receiving them, especially to those you most value.
To restaurateurs, regular customers are special people whose confidence and loyalty mean a lot. To express their gratitude, many restaurant and cafe owners who have chosen Tillypad XL to automate their venues already use the 'Customer birthday discount' loyalty programme.  This means that on their birthdays, customers of these restaurants can expect not only warm wishes from staff, but also a discount or free treats.
In Tillypad XL 9.2, the settings for promotion types have been made as flexible as possible. Restaurant owners and managers have almost no restrictions and can easily implement any of their ideas for effectively increasing confidence and loyalty among regular customers. Celebrate your birthday at your favourite restaurant twice or even 3 times with a discount at each visit — why not! A buy-one-get-one-free offer on every dish you order on your birthday is a flattering gift to receive from a venue. Once informed about these birthday promotions, guests are excited to choose the venue that has caught their eye with the best offer.
Newly updated features for loyalty programmes allow restaurant owners to design and set up specials with a wide range of possible functionalities. Increase a regular customer card discount as many times as is necessary, set timeframes during which birthday discounts will be applicable, treat customers with free food and drink items, and even implement more complex schemes. Restaurant managers can easily create the set of conditions that determine when a customer will receive a discount or freebie on his/her birthday. With Tillypad XL, it is easy to set up birthday discounts that increase with the number of orders placed; implement discounts only on a selected menu group; specify a set number of items in a guest tab that, once reached, starts a special offer; edit a discount percent based on the day of the week; and even instantly combine several offers. For example, if you set up a 60% discount on every third dish ordered on a customer's birthday, an existing standard 10% discount on the first and second items need not be cancelled.
Remember to show appreciation for your customers, and they will certainly show their appreciation for you with positive reviews and recommendations to friends!