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The Tillypad system offers you all the reports you need, from simple timesheets to the most complex financial documents. All your information is in the palm of your hand - anytime, anywhere. You can analyse the present state of your venue and take quick action, should this become necessary.
All-encompassing management accounting
An experienced restaurateur always keeps a close watch on the key figures in his/her venue. Even a generic income and loss report can tell a lot about the restaurant's operation. Balance sheets, cash flows, revenue—these and many other documents are generated by Tillypad in real time and sent out as e-mails or SMS. With Tillypad, you always have up-to-date data.
Data broken down as you need it
Sometimes to find the optimal solution, you need to look at a situation from a different perspective. This is why Tillypad allows you to create unique, tailor-made reports that focus on particular figures. Detailed analysis helps you quickly understand situations, assess the efficiency your employees, and prevent any misuse.
An office in any corner of the world
Work with your reports anywhere with an Internet connection. Supervise everything long-distance. Plan your venue's development for the coming day, week or month. With Tillypad, you can confidently manage all data and make decisions quickly and efficiently.
Tillypad – keep your finger on the pulse of your business!
The Tillypad administrative and accounting system includes:
  • Reports, budgeting, planned targets, staff efficiency, data uploading to enterprise management systems
  • Reliable information – data about changes in every record
  • Data walkthrough (from an order item to the final record)
  • Business intelligence
  • Automatic report distribution (via e-mail or SMS)
  • Integration with different accounting systems