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Stock control

Create standards, minimise costs, and increase profits!
Your store is at peak performance when it has just the stock items you need, with no excesses or shortages. Everything you buy, sell, and use in recipes impacts your business's profits. Tillypad helps you find and maintain this optimal balance.
Store accounting in Tillypad gives you complete control, from planning your purchases to analysing costs of sales and of stock on hand. What does this offer you?
Unlimited oversight. Purchasing projections. Objective appraisal of costs and profits. You can track every detail of every stock item, including from which supplier and at what prices you’ve purchased them. You can set limits on stock item purchase prices. This way, you cut down expenditures and keep employees from wasting stock. With Tillypad, you always have the optimal stock levels available in your stores.
With Tillypad, your stores contain only the necessary stock items and only exactly as much as you need!

Let's look at three of the most important aspects of any business:
Purchasing, expenses, and stock on hand
With Tillypad, you can be sure that the stock items you purchase are consumed as indicated in your recipes. This eliminates excessive consumption, incorrect sorting of items, and spoilage. You can check actual stock on hand quickly using inventories. Discrepancies and their causes become clear immediately and can be easily eliminated.
Cost price calculation
Tillypad uses the FIFO method to achieve the most precise calculations possible. But often for on-the-spot decisions, you need to understand how purchase prices change over time, as well as planned targets and standards. This is why in Tillypad you can analyse all possible cost prices of goods and dishes, taking into account prices of the most recently purchased stock items, planned prices, etc.

A uniform accounting standard
While rules for working in the store are established in the central office, the accuracy of store accounting depends on how strictly they are followed on-site. Tillypad helps you apply uniform standards across all your venues while still maintaining centralised control from the main office. Your customers will be satisfied with the high quality of service as you watch your profits soar.

Store management capabilities in Tillypad:
  • A single directory of goods, stock items, and recipes
  • Stock movement documents (stock-in and stock-out records, return delivery notes, stock adjustment records, butchering records, development records, inventory and collation reports, and stock movement records)  
  • A protocol for document editing
  • Stock on hand for any date--visible online and organised by close of business day
  • Stock on hand limits (minimums, maximums, optimal stock levels), recipes, sale price calculation forms, editing functions that allow you to take into account mislabeled items or the quality of a particular batch of ingredients
  • Recipe editing history
  • Stock item search by appearance in recipes, recipe item substitutions
  • Recipe cost analysis
  • Purchase price, estimated cost, planned cost
  • Control of purchase prices both at individual restaurants and across an entire chain
  • Centralised purchasing, orders in the kitchen for stock items, distribution centres
  • Sales reporting broken down by cost price or by stock item
  • Purchases reporting broken down by supplier, stock item, or price
  • Comparative analysis of purchases